# Default

This document will be useful for all Storeino store users, it is detailed on chapters and menus, you would not need specific training in development or design to set up your store, you just have to follow the instructions below. Your store is designed to be responsive to all devices: phone, computer, or tablet, all you have to do is change the settings and add content to complete the store, this document will give you the instructions and the steps to follow to complete and modify the elements of your store.

Storeino Platform

# Dashboard

The dashboard of the administrator account of your store presents you with all the data necessary to help you make the right decisions at the right time.In the dashboard you will find the most important and significant statistics for you, first of these statistics is the number of orders carried out in the same day and the total of the amounts ordered, and the pages visited on that same day, And the statistics of the last 30 days whether it is the orders their states, but also the last orders in the site, with the briefest possible information while remaining precise.


# The orders

In the list of orders you have the orders placed on your store with all the details you need, with the possibility of deleting an order :

To view order details :
  1. Go to the command in question.
  2. Click on the '+' sign on the right.
To delete an order:
  1. Go to the command in question.
  2. Click on the trash can icon.
  3. Confirm the deletion.

You can also filter your orders by order status to make it easier to find a specific order.

# Customers

In the customers menu you have two submenus, customers and add a customer, In the customers menu you have a list of customers who have placed orders on your store, you can search on this list, and you also have a possibility to modify the customer's contact details or to assign a new order to a specific customer.


There are always customers who prefer to order by phone call or by sending an sms or email, these customers are not registered on your store, but with storeino you always have this possibility to add a new customer to the database of your store, either by clicking on the submenu 'Add a customer' or by clicking 'add customer' at the top of the list of customers.

# Products

The Product menu contains submenus to facilitate the management of your online store.
List of products:

In the list of products you have functionalities that allow you to manage the products of your online store, you can view the products, promotional prices, quantities in stock, date of expiry addition of the product, in addition to the actions you can take to these products (modify, delete, or view more details). With the possibility of filtering by category, and product search.

To modify a product :
  1. Click on the 'pen' icon.
  2. Modify the data.
  3. Then save.
To delete a product
  1. Click on the icon « basket ».
  2. Confirm deletion
To view product details:
  1. Click on the 'magnifying glass' icon.
To add a product:
  1. Click on add product (at the top of the list of products or in the sub menu of the products menu).
  2. Fill in the necessary fields
  3. Then save
Stock management:

To manage your online store, we have put at your disposal a stock management tool for your products, for which you can modify the purchase prices, suppliers, quantities and consult the theoretical and actual quantities of the products and the number of times this product has been ordered.


# Providers

In the suppliers menu you can 'add a supplier' and manage the list of suppliers.

To add a supplier:
  1. Click on 'add supplier' at the top of the list of suppliers or in the suppliers menu.
  2. Fill in the supplier's contact details.
  3. Then 'save'.
To modify a supplier :
  1. Click on the icon « stylo » .
  2. Edit contact details.
  3. Then validate the modification.
PTo delete a supplier :
  1. Click on the 'basket' icon.
  2. Valider la suppression .

# The statistics

In orders to manage your online store you increasingly need statistics and data on visitors and orders placed in your store, Storeino makes it easier for you to analyze and make these statistics available, with the ability to filter by periods, either you choose a period of pre-defined periods or set a start date and end date for you

  1. The number of orders and products ordered in a period you set.
  2. The number of page views and the number of visitors to the.
  3. The number of orders by state, city, delivery company and user
  4. The number of visitors per city, by page visited, and by source.

# The categories,

To make it easier to manage your shop and your products, we have developed a category menu for you to add and manage product categories in your online store.

To add a category:
  1. Click add category to menu
  2. Play the category name you want to add
  3. The number of orders by state, city, delivery company and user
  4. then save
To change a category:
  1. Click on the 'pen' icon.
  2. Edit data
  3. Then save
To remove a category:
  1. Click on the 'basket' icon.
  2. Confirm the deletion

# Delivery,

-Storeino gives you the ability to add and manage your delivery companies and delivery regions and cities.

List of companies:

In this sub-menu you manage delivery companies, add, modify or remove a delivery company

storeino-livraison -
Add a delivery company:
  1. Click the 'add a company' button
  2. Reense the name of the company
  3. Click 'next' .
  4. Add the delivery amount .
  5. Select the cities or regions for which you want to apply this amount
Modify a delivery company:
  1. Click on the 'pen' icon
  2. Enter the name of the company
  3. Click 'next'.
  4. Then save,
Delete a delivery company :
  1. Click on the 'basket' icon .
  2. Validate the deletion .
List of cities:

You have the option to add a new city if it is not among the cities already mentioned, as you can modify or remove a city .

storeino-livraison -
List of regions:

In storeino we do our best to make it easier for you to manage your online business, it is from this perspective that we have added all the regions and cities of Morocco, with the possibility that you modify, add or remove a region .


# Users

Storeino automatically registers two roles and three user accounts that you can add. We give all possibilities to the store administrator, and he grants the other roles to the members of his team as he wishes.

Add users:

To add a user, fill in the necessary contact details and the required information, choose the role to be granted, and the commission.

List of users:

In the list of users you can view the users of your store, their roles and commissions, you can add, modify or delete a user at any time.

Role management:

In the role management submenu, you can assign the roles you want to the users you want, select the possibilities to be granted and enter the name of the role.


# Pages

Storeino offers you the best online store solution, with always the possibility of modifying and adding new elements in the store, you also have the possibility of adding pages to your shop. storeino-pages
To add a new page :
  1. Click on add a page at the top of the page list or in the menu on the left.
  2. Fill in the necessary fields and save.

# Settings

In the settings menu you have access to your general account and the general settings of your shop. Menu you can manage general settings, choose themes, apps, messages, and print design.

Général :

In 'general settings' you can add your company/shop name, description, currency by which orders are made, logo, and Facebook pixel for analyzing orders from Facebook.

Interface :

You can change the interface of your online store the trailer data, presentation, copyright text .

Apps :

In the apps or applications submenu you have applications to activate or deactivate according to your choice and according to your marketing strategy: the whatsapp button (so that the customer goes directly into a whatsapp conversation), the share button (to give a possibility for customers to share your online store on social networks), someone is looking at this product (to influence the customer and push them to buy)

Messages :

These are the messages to display to your customers in the ordering step, you can edit them.

The prints:

These are the information (company name, phone number, fax, logo, address) that you want displayed on the documents you print (shipment receipt, invoice, etc.).

Errors :

These are the error messages that can be displayed to customers when placing an order.


# Themes

The theme menu presents the themes that you can activate, we have three themes to offer you, you can choose the theme that suits you:

DEFAULT THEME : This is the default theme, it offers you several advantages and facilities for customers and visitors to your store.

ELECTRO THEME : the electro theme goes more with electronic and computer products but you can adapt it to all other products, with more properties and more advantages for the visitors of your store and for the administrative management.

ORGANIC THEME : The 'organic' theme is the most requested theme from storeino, it is the most suitable for all types of products and brings more life to your store with the organic colors used and with the features that push your visitor to accomplish the act of purchase.


# Applications

A visitor on your shop can perform the act of purchase as he can abstain, storeino makes available to you certain applications to push your visitor to complete the purchase and place the order, you can at any time activate one or all applications:

LIVE CHAT: the live chat app allows visitors to connect live with the site owner, to request more information about a .


COUNT DOWN: the Count Down app shows visitors to your store the remaining time in the promotion, it triggers a countdown as soon as the visitor displays the page of a product.

POP UP NOTIFICATIONS: these pop-ups activate as soon as you activate the app, they show up regularly and push visitors to buy by telling them that other visitors have placed an order in the site.


# Configuration DNS

If your domain name registered with GoDaddy is hosted by Storeino, you will need to change its name servers

You log into your account on GoDaddy and follow the following steps:

  1. Access to DNS.
  2. On the DNS Management page, under Name Servers, click Change.
  3. Choose your new type of name server, select Personalized.
  4. Enter the following custom name servers:
    • ns1.storeino.live [1]
    • ns2.storeino.live [2]
  5. Click Save.

After updating your nameservers, wait a few hours (can be up to 48 hours) while your data is saved.

If you find any difficulties contact our support at any time on the following numbers: 0661382142, or info@storeino.ma